Georgia Website

Timeline: 3 weeks
My Role: Concept Development, Design
About: State website rebranding class project, with the goal of making the site interface more user friendly and improving usability and navigation.

Beers of the World

Timeline: 2 months
My Role: Graphics for website, Icons, Design
About: Website rebranding of Beers of the World, with the goal to launch in correlation with their new Henrietta, NY store opening.

Erie Station Wines

Timeline: 2 months
My Role: Graphics for website, Design, Photography
About: Website rebranding of Erie Station Fine Wines & Liquor.

Town of Henrietta

Timeline: 10 weeks
My Role: Graphics for website, Design
About: This project started within an Internet Marketing class in which we were given real world clients. Our team was given the opportunity to work with the Town of Henrietta to help with improving their social media marketing strategy. Within the process, we helped them develop a fresh look for their website in additional to suggestions for leveraging the power of social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook.